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Hush Digital Access Cards Packs

Hush Digital Access Cards Packs


These packs of Digital Access Cards are perfect for handing out to others.

1 pack of 100 for $199.00

1 pack of 25 for $62.50

1 pack of 10 for $30.00

Single cards for $4.00

Order a pack of digital rental access cards to share the film with your friends, family, organization, and affiliates. These cards are equipped with a customized code which will allow for a single rental of the film, as well as access to the 20 minute condensed version.

This is an amazing offer, as it normally costs roughly $6.00 CAD to individually rent the film online. Help us get this important health information into the hands of women worldwide.

Please make sure to adjust the quantity in both the drop down menu and quantity

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