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Educational Copy - DVD Hush

Educational Copy - DVD Hush


An educational copy comes with a license granting the rights to use HUSH for educational purposes in private settings, such as small groups, classrooms, counseling, leadership training, etc. Generally this is applicable for all organizations. These have a specific 'Educational Use' label. This is not a license for public screening.

Now with Spanish and English Subtitles!

Shipping available worldwide


- 1 Hour "Television" Version

- 20 Minute Presentation

-Bonus Sequences & Interview Footage


About the Film:

When Director Punam Kumar Gill and Producers Drew and Joses Martin heard that the health information being given to women prior to an abortion was subject to the politics of the people involved, they determined to put aside individual ideology and take an honest, scientific look, at the highly disputed and politicized information around abortions' long-term effects on women's health. What Punam discovers in the process is not just vital to the subject of reproductive health, but also critical to her own life, and integral to the ongoing progress of women everywhere.

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