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Introducing ‘Hush,’ the documentary.

Director Punam Kumar Gill tackles the most controversial issue of our time: abortion. She investigates the untold, long-term health effects of this elective, medical procedure.

The connection between Abortion and Breast Cancer, Abortion and Premature Birth, and Abortion and Psychological Damage, are revealed in a way that will have a lasting affect on government and health care worldwide. It has to be seen to be believed. And it seems that we are not the only ones who see the virtue of this pleasantly surprising approach since the film has been honoured with several awards from screenings at film festivals around the world. HUSH had it’s big screen debut as the official selection at Le Femme, an International Women's Film Festival in Beverley Hills this past year where their positioning statement is, "Films by women that everyone should see!" The film also won Silver at WORLDFEST in Houston Texas. Then it went on to win the Golden Award at the World Documentary Festival in Jakarta, as well as Best Documentary at Life Fest International in Los Angeles.

"Hush, which seems to me an objective overview of the situation, should be seen by pro-choice women, pro-life women and women who are simply concerned about themselves or their daughters achieving their reproductive goals with optimal chances for long-term health. That is to say, by pretty well all women."

- National Post

The information presented in HUSH is too important to hold onto any longer! We are pleased to announce that Hush will be available worldwide on DVD, Blu-ray and Online July 1st 2016. We are now accepting pre- orders on our online shop for individual or educational use products.

On top of the award winning documentary, we have some amazing additions and special features that will accompany the DVD and Blu-Ray discs, including:

- a 2 Part Television Version of the Documentary

"The ABC Link" (47:50) and "Body and Mind" (47:50)
This alternate viewing method is perfect for watching the film in 2 digestible portions, allowing time for group discussions in between viewings.

- a 20 minute Hush info presentation. This edit combines many of the most important points made in the film in a succinct presentation for quick viewing.

- Plus additional interview footage and testimonials not seen in the feature film.

Here is the link to the film's new 2 minute Trailer: Click here